Blackout Art

Art & Crafts by Kristina Moy

Black Out Art is the brain-child of Kristina Moy for all things art and fandom. Kristina has over 10+ years in making art, whether it’s drawing, painting, relief printmaking, screenprinting, graphic design, web design and more. She began to seriously build her art portfolio in 2009 and started selling her work online and at conventions in 2012. Kristina is an advocate in supporting local businesses and helping others start their own crafty/artistic endeavors. She appreciates rude, sassy art and awesome typography (she gets to work with type design at her day job!).

As an artist, Kristina makes draws a lot and turns her art into prints, postcards, notebooks, bookmarks, stickers and more. She also blends fandom loose leaf teas and currently has over 80+ nerdy blends available online. She offers one-of-a-kind ink and watercolor pieces of original and geeky things. She is hoping to bring some fun supernatural and Inktober art to Bing Con this year.

You can find merch online in her Etsy shop and all fandom teas via Adagio. Visit her website here, or her blog here.

Featured Work