Save the Date!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Get ready for Halloween with our 2019 Bing Comic-Con T-Shirt designed by artist and show co-founder Mark Masztal!

Celebrate the art of

Comics, Fantasy, & Film in Springfield!

Original Artwork & Prints • Comics
Cosplay • Contests + Prizes • Crafts
Textiles, Plush + more!

Info + Details

$5 at the door

11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Trinity United Methodist Church

Asbury Hall
361 Sumner Avenue
Springfield, MA

Bing Comic-Con features:

+ 50 tables of artists, writers, crafters and creatives

+ Cosplay Contest

+ Music by DJ Vertigo

+ Refreshments + Lunch will be available

Our Mission

Promote Local Creativity.

Bing Comic-Con is a production of the Bing Arts Center and serves as a fundamental part of our efforts to increase community arts accessibility.

We believe that providing a focus for imagination and creativity strengthens the community by bringing people together. Bing Comic-Con welcomes creators and consumers of popular comics-related art forms. All ages are encouraged to participate and celebrate with us!

Support Community Art.

The Bing Arts Center serves as a focal point for imagination and creativity – a catalyst for economic development and improved quality of life. It is a gathering place serving all ages, ethnic groups, genders, orientation, and economic status, strengthening the community by offering appealing, accessible, alternative arts programming. This shared experience and enjoyment of the arts fosters development of the unifying bonds of community and civilization.

Special thanks to the kind and generous support of our friends at Trinity Methodist Church, who host the event in beautiful Asbury Hall.