Tom Ryan’s Studio


It’s safe to say that I was a bit of a comic “geek” growing up. I dreamt of someday becoming a comic book artist. When I got to HS, the dream changed slightly, I was introduced to a new medium, ink on paper. I was never able to look at comics the same way. The precise line work found in comic illustrations is something that still influences my work to this day. By the time I was in college I was being inspired by the fantasy artists found in yearly releases of the book called Spectrum: The Best in Fantastical Art. After college I discovered several street artists that were evolving their art form and changing just how people viewed art on the streets.

I would say that my art is combination of all the things I loved in the past and present. My paintings consists of fantastical animals with a “street art” feel. They are brought to life using vibrant colors and bold line work straight from a comic book. The materials I use vary from time to time but are a combination of spray paint, acrylic paint, ink, and the most important tool… imagination.


Featured Work