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I am a happily married father of two and a 18 year City Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service. I am happily married to my best friend, Ann, whom when this opportunity came up, talked me into and supported me in what became My Comic Store. I have been with the Postal Service since 1998, starting in Hartford, CT before transferring home to Agawam, MA when Danielle was born. Danielle has a passion for comics that has resulted in her being a welcome visitor at the Archie Comics booth at any show she finds them at, and was drawn into Archie #629, Archie Meets KISS part 3, as one of the Riverdale zombies. Jonathan also loves to read preferring Mad Magazine and The Uncanny Avengers. He’s also the proud owner of several original sketches in his books, taking after his dad’s passion.

My own love of comics started when I was six or seven and my younger brother, Ross, gave me Amazing Spider-Man # 154 that he had acquired from a tag sale. I never looked back. My collecting survived the teen years, and a tour in the United States Navy, in which I proudly served with two squadrons; VA-75 and VF-32, both deployed out of NAS Oceana, VA and on the Aircraft Carrier John F. Kennedy. I still dearly love to read and talk about comics and like to experiment with different flavors but always come back to Spider-Man. The main part of my collection right now is the hardcovers that I buy and then take to the big shows and have the appropriately credited artist do an original piece of art right on the inside cover of the book.

Bragging rights include a George Perez Captain America vs. Superman, Rob Liefeld Cannonball, Jim Lee Batman, Todd McFarlane Spider-Man, a Stan Lee drawn Spider-Man, and a jam-piece of Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six with a different character each depicted by Bob McLeod, Rick Leonardi, Scott Hanna, Phil Jiminez, Mark Bagley, Mike McKone, and Tom Lyle. At one point, I was able to brag that I owned a copy of every comic that Spider-Man appeared in. I’ve since sold many, including one Amazing Fantasy #15 and two copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1 (and replaced some). I’ve met some great friends and garnered some wonderful stories out of all of this. I’m happy to be able to share my love.


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